Young Furniture Makers exhibition
Jay Blades

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Our role is to sustain a thriving British furnishing industry with a talented workforce delivering high-quality products, which supports those in need from within its ranks and those who have served it in the past.

Jay Blades


Jay Blades, MBE - Furniture restorer and television presenter

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"It's so important for young people to get into craft as we need to keep the industry going. Craft literally saved my life and the intricate work that goes into making, restoring and furniture is unbelievable. It's a brilliant skill to have" - Jay Blades, MBE. Furniture restorer and television presenter

Jay Blades, MBE, a renowned furniture restorer and television presenter, underscores the importance of involving young people in crafts to sustain the industry. He credits craftsmanship with saving his life and admires the incredible intricacy involved in making, restoring, and working with furniture, considering it a valuable skill to possess.