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Hattie Speed


Hattie Speed, Creator of This Girl Makes, Self-employed designer-maker and Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor

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"There is an unhelpful belief that careers in the creative industries don't exist. They do! Both the practical and theoretical skills I learnt on my BA in Furniture Design and Make equipped me for a variety of job roles. I feel very fortunate to have a choice in the direction of my future. Most importantly, I love that I am able to help other people and do the thing I love most, making!" - Hattie Speed

Hattie Speed, the creator of This Girl Makes, a self-employed designer-maker, and an Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor, challenges a common misconception about the creative industries. She firmly asserts that careers in these fields not only exist but are also thriving.

Drawing from her own experience, Hattie highlights the practical and theoretical skills she acquired during her BA in Furniture Design and Make, which have equipped her for a diverse range of job roles. She expresses immense gratitude for the freedom to shape her own future and, most importantly, for the opportunity to make a positive impact on others while indulging in her deepest passion – crafting.