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Mia's Manufacturing Apprenticeship


“It’s a big achievement to make something from start to finish”

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Case Studies

Mia always had an interest in design. Her favourite subjects at school were design technology and art where she could express her creativity, especially enjoying learning new skills and techniques and experimenting with different materials.

Mia’s teachers at school were very supportive of her development, helping her finish pieces and encouraging her to complete side projects in their own time. “I had great teachers at school, some gave their own time to help me” Mia explains.

Mia completed two A-Level projects: a desk lamp and an extension lead organiser. “We had fun projects where we could work more independently”.

Mia is now completing a Furniture Manufacturer Level 2 Apprenticeship with Rycotewood and ercol. “I heard about them through family and friends whilst at Holland Green, where I did work experience.” GCSEs in maths and English are the only requirement to take up the course, which you can complete whilst on the apprenticeship if you don’t currently have them. A-Levels are not required.

Mia enjoys learning traditional methods of making furniture and is proud that she can work independently and has also passed on some of her knowledge and experience to others at ercol. “It’s a big achievement to make something like a studio couch from start to finish”.

Once Mia has completed her apprenticeship, she is considering a two-year level 3 course at Rycotewood and would like to become a designer “My goal is to become a designer, but there is more to learn before I can achieve this”. “I would like to expand my knowledge of CAD and SolidWorks and improve my design skills”.

“Choose your work experience wisely, it can help you choose your career path and will give you a taste of what it will be like in the sector you choose.”

Mia will have many options available to her, with her apprenticeship opening many doors and possibilities to her.

Mia’s journey has just begun, and she clearly has a bright future ahead of her.