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Jordan’s Upholstery Career


“When I started working in upholstery, it felt right"

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Through learning on the job Jordan enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done.

Jordan has always known he wanted a career doing something creative and has been encouraged by his girlfriend and friends to pursue a career as a Development Upholsterer at Shackletons Ltd.

Jordan has managed to forge a career by learning on the job, “I have a mentor at Shackletons. He has helped me to understand how furniture comes together and how to use an industrial sewing machine.”

There are many aspects of Jordan’s job that he enjoys including the development of new models, the satisfaction of doing a good job, and the ever-changing nature of furniture. “The furniture industry is very fast-paced, and the styles of furniture are always changing,” Jordan explains. “Most of all I enjoy knowing that the people who receive the furniture I make are happy and satisfied with the work I have done.”

In the future, Jordan would like to further develop his upholstery knowledge and skills and create his own designs.

Jordan knew he was in the right place when he started his career, “When I started working in upholstery, I knew it felt right and that I would be good and get better at it. There is a lot to learn with creating furniture and if you’re creative and hands-on then give it a go”.

Jordan’s pathway to his career in upholstery is just one of a myriad of routes into a diverse industry with many options available to you.