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Jonah's Project Management Career


"Be open-minded when choosing your career path."

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Jonah is a Trainee Project Manager at NBJ Ltd, a bespoke joinery and bespoke furniture maker. His two-year training programme will involve planning and programming, managing quality, commercial and contract practice, procurement, design management, and site visits to review projects that he will be contributing to.

Whilst deciding what he wanted to study after GCSEs, Jonah realised that he wanted to do something related to furniture and design, but most importantly, something that he would enjoy.

Jonah’s interest in furniture and design was growing after being inspired by amazing pieces of furniture in magazines and with the encouragement of his parents, he applied for a three-year course in furniture making and design at Moulton College and obtained a Level 3 Diploma in Furniture Making and Design.

The first two years taught Jonah wood machining as well as furniture making by hand and the third year taught him how to design and make a piece of furniture of his choice, using the knowledge he had gained during the first two years.

The course introduced Jonah to various other aspects of the industry, such as furniture design and project management. In both his second and third years, he was awarded the Furniture Maker of the Year Award.

“It taught me how to explore various research options when designing my piece, how to produce a production schedule, using design software such as AutoCAD, and how to produce a design that conforms to the brief” Jonah explains. “I am delighted to say that I achieved a distinction. This experience is invaluable to the job that I do now!”

Work experience with a variety of furniture-making companies gave Jonah valuable insight into the industry and helped him to decide which avenue he wanted to pursue. “My love for furniture making and interest in business made project management an attractive option.” Jonah explains.

Jonah’s college tutors had an extremely positive effect on him “Their experience and guidance grew my knowledge of furniture making and I am very grateful to them”

Jonah’s role as a Trainee Project Manager offers a daily variation of tasks and learning experiences, but he particularly enjoys site visits “It opens your mind up to the real world and the way that it functions.” Jonah explains. In the first two weeks of his new role, Jonah had been on two site visits, one to Exeter College and the other to Corpus Christi in Oxford.

“Pursue a career that you will enjoy and that has good job prospects. Don’t necessarily take the conventional route of going to university if you do not feel that it will benefit you.” Jonah explained. “Go on an open day at your local college or woodworking school to see if this is an option for you.”

Jonah’s pathway to his career in project management is just one of the routes into a diverse industry that is available to you.